Barbara Cloyd

Learn the best way to share your feelings through songs (it's not what you think).

David Foster's 10 Tips for Songwriters

David Foster's "10 Tips for Songwriters" from his speech upon accepting the BMI Icon Award.

James Taylor's Guitar Lessons.

Learning how to finger pick your songs adds a depth and quality that cannot be achieved with a flat pick.
I am not sure if you songwriters know about James Taylor's guitar lessons. They are all free
.He shows how he finger picks all his favorite songs.
I sure could have used this way back when... Here is "Fire and Rain"
He has many others that are just fantastic.
He also plays them in 50% slowness with a Webpro cam so you can catch all the licks easily.

5 Songwriting Tips You May Never Have Considered

Songwriting is a huge topic. There are no right or wrong ways to approach the subject, and there are an infinite number of ways to do so. However, many songwriters choose to approach songwriting in the same manner that they approached all of their previous songs with.

Barbara Cloyd

Here is veteran songwriter Barbara Cloyd from the Bluebird explaining how the "business side" of songwriting works. She is just full of good information and suggestions for the starting writer as well as good things to check for the veteran songwriter. Barbara discusses legal issues and royalties issues. Mechanical royalties are explained. Good information for everyone.

Jerry Cupit

Writing songs is an art that must be learned. There are several constants in writing that will help in the successful completion of a good song. Jerry Cupit is a veteran Nashville songwriter who has written a great book on songwriting. In this video Jerry will explain many pieces of songwriting that you need to understand to write that great song. This is a wealth of information that you don't hear often. If you are really interested in writing songs that can be sold to the Nashville music industry you may want to watch this a few times.

Barbara Cloyd

Here are some tips from a veteran songwriter/host on how to conduct yourself and what is important when trying to get your songs heard in Nashville.
Barbara Cloyd gives tips for playing open mics and writers' nights in Nashville, TN.

She has hosted the Open Mic at the Bluebird Cafe since it began and has seen newcomers like Garth Brooks, Kenny Chesney and David Wilcox, plus many writers who have go on to have hits.

Bellamy Baylor at the Pavilion Coffee House

Bellamy Baylor was singing up a storm at the Pavilion Coffee House last night while another storm was raging outside. Bellamy was in rare form performing her passionate vocal arrangements of her original songs. Here is one song I have heard her do before. Each time I am pleased with how much she puts into her performance. Rarely do we run across such powerful vocals in a writers night situation.

Bex Marshall

Here is one of the finest blues guitarist I have run across in my travels. Bex Marshall has a firecracker personality that is blowing up in every town she plays . From London to Russia and back through Brazil and all over the USA is a normal year of gigs for Bex. Everywhere she goes there is a wave of appreciation for her style in guitar playing and her hard driving Janis Joplin like vocal presentation. Here is one singer/songwriter who will make her mark to be remembered forever. This video is from her first CD "House of Mercy" that has been a huge hit in every country that sells it.

Lee Anna Culp

We had several really talented singer/songwriter ladies put together a show called "Girls with Guitars".
Lee Anna Culp played a set of her original songs for us.
She has a wonderful voice singing her well written songs.
Lee Anna is joy to watch. This is a set of 15 min.